Partial Vehicle Covers offers Partial Vehicle Covers for most SUVs and pickup trucks. Cab Coolers and Cab Area Covers manufactured by Covercraft are available for SUV and pickups while interior covers are available for convertibles. Interior covers protect your convertibles interior while the top is down. Visit our blog to learn more or shop now!

Interior Cover

Protect your convertibles interior!

Cab Cooler Cover

Keep your pickup or SUV cab cool!

Pickup Cab Cover

Protect your Pickup

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Replacement Boat Lift Canopy Covers


CoverQuest offers Replacement Boat Lift Canopies for most frames and sizes! Visit our blog to learn more or shop now.

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Sun-DURA Boat Covers and Bimini Tops

Sun-DURA is one of our most popular Boat Cover and Bimini Top fabrics. Visit our blog to learn what sets it apart.

Sun-DURA Specialty Boat Cover

Sun-DURA Specialty Boat Cover

Superior Customer Service

customer service reviews2


At CoverQuest we pride ourselves on superior customer service. A Customer Service Representative is always available Monday through Friday 9-5 EST.

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Boat Covers for Paddle Boats

boat cover for paddle boat


Protect your Paddle Boat with a USA Made Paddle Boat Cover. Visit our blog to learn more about Paddle Boat Covers.


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Dual Bimini Top

Dual Bimini Top offers a Dual Bimini Top providing 16 feet of coverage! View our blog to learn more.

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Boat Covers for Boston Whaler’s and Boston Whaler Style Boats

Boat Covers for Boston Whaler's and Boston Whaler Style Boats has custom and semi-custom Boat Covers for Boston Whaler’s and Boston Whaler Style Boats.

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Get Your Boat Ready for the Water with a CoverQuest Bimini Top

Boating season is approaching quickly. Get your boat ready for the water with a Bimini Top. CoverQuest has Bimini Tops for nearly every make and model boat including pontoons, boats with towers, and even inflatable boats! Learn more about Bimini Tops or shop now. Bimini Top Bimini Top

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Replacing Your Boat Lift Canopy

Old Canopy Lift Cover

Look familiar?

Boat Lift frames outlast their canopies which is why offers Replacement Boat Lift Canopy Covers for your Boat Lift!

Visit our blog to learn more, contact us at, or call 1-888-726-9300.

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Leaning Post Cover is excited to introduce our new Leaning Post Cover for your boat! This cover provides protection for your Leaning Post from the elements using your choice of material. offers this new product in the Performance Poly-Guard and Sun-DURA fabrics. Learn more about our new product or shop now. Have Questions? Contact us at, use our live chat tool, or call 1-888-726-9300.


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